We've Moved! We're still unpacking in the new space, but here are some photos of the old space.
Photo of Bikeshed door with GitHub logo

When you arrive, you are greeted with some wonderful signage. Hat tip 🎩 to jameswhite's brother who made these vinyl stickers out of our public media assets.


  • Full double kegerator.
  • 10-foot farm table. Lovingly supplied by jameswhite , this custom-made farm table can seat ten. Early beta-testing shows this is ideal for hacking, drinking 🍻, or playing board games.
  • Philips Hue bulbs in every lamp and window. Currently wired up for a few uses, such as turning orange when someone is in a meeting.
  • 65" Plasma TV for epic beer:30 talks, gaming, or other tomfoolery to be had during the week(-end). Hat tip to jameswhite for our epic stand holding up the TV.
  • Raspberry Pi's everywhere! Check out our dashboards that show various metrics/data about the Bikeshed.
  • We also have cameras to check out what's going on in the office from anywhere!
Panorama photo of the Bikeshed coworking area
The common area of the coworking space.
Photo of the conference room with table and chairs
No coworking space would be complete without a conference room.
Photo of a solid door with a GitHub octocat sticker on it

Doorway into our space.

Panoramic photo of the main Bikeshed space with desks, table, bike, and computers
The Bikeshed's main work area.
Photo of four guys seated at desks, at work in the Bikeshed
A typical work day.
Photo of a double tap kegerator
rick acquired this beauty from a brewmaster friend who coincidentally also brings by tasty homebrews. We lovingly created a tap handle out of his head with modeling software azizshamim gathered up and superimposed it on an existing tap handle. Concept to finished product: ~5 hours, including printing time.
The big wooden plank table at the Bikeshed
Our giant table that seats ten.
Photo of the power outlets lining the underside of the giant table
The table has power plugs 🔌 lining it.
Photo of wall-mounted tablet displays
Wall-mounted displays with Raspberry Pi's.
Photo of printer, MakerBot 3D printer, Keurig, and foosball table
Traditional printer, MakerBot 3D printer, and Keurig coffee maker.
Photo of more guys working around the large table with laptops
Only nine people are shown, but the table can definitely seat more.
Photo of several people standing around the large table playing a tabletop game
Using the giant table to play games.